Fan creates 131-page design doc for Marvel version of Smash Bros.

Marvel Infinite: Marvel Comics Marvel Super Smash Bros. design document by Castorp115 design doc

Fandom produces wonderful, strange things sometimes. In this case, Castorp115 on Reddit has combined passions for Marvel Comics and Super Smash Bros. to outline a project called “Marvel Infinite.” In a bonkers 131-page design document, the fan outlines hypothetical move sets for 157 different characters that adhere to Super Smash Bros. battle mechanics. (The first 145 characters come standard, but the final 12 are DLC. Castorp115 has tentative plans to outline two more sets of DLC. No, seriously.) Details for 50 stages are also outlined, in addition to a small handful of items.

Marvel Infinite is a great idea, at the least

To be clear, “Marvel Infinite” doesn’t actually exist, and it’s all just ideas written down by this super fan over what must have been a long stretch of time. In all honesty, there are likely only a few hundred people on the whole planet that would care to read the entire design document. But still, it’s fun to flip to a random page and see what Castorp115 had in mind for a random character. For instance, Mephisto’s neutral B and side B attacks involve summoning imps and demons respectively, which have damaging effects if they make contact with an opponent. That might be a neat mechanic for even vanilla Super Smash Bros.

Here is how Castorp115 talks about the massive Marvel Infinite passion project:

I’ve been a Marvel fan as long as I can remember and I played the original Smash Bros. during my formative years. Since that time, I’ve maintained that my dream game would be a Marvel Comics skin of that game – same concept, similar mechanics, but with a shiny Marvel Comics exterior stuffed to the brim with Marvel characters.

I have kept that dream through the years and the link will take you to my attempt at making it a reality. It’s big, it’s brash, and it’s totally unrealistic, but it was a ton of fun to make. Hopefully it will also be at least a bit of fun to read.

Let me know how I handled your favorite character, who you would main, and who you think would be S tier!

Marvel Infinite or the equivalent thereof doesn’t sound likely to ever exist in reality, but this design document sure does make a strong case for why it could be a good idea. Would you want to play such a game?


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