Famitsu sales: Big debuts for Metroid Dread and Switch OLED in Japan

Famitsu sales Metroid Dread and Switch OLED have big debuts in Japan

Last week was a big one for video game sales in Japan with huge debuts for Nintendo, including Metroid Dread and the Nintendo Switch OLED model. Famitsu has released its latest software and hardware sales estimates from Japanese retailers during the week of October 4 to October 10, 2021.

Overall, software sales were boosted last week, mostly thanks to the #1 title, Metroid Dread, which went on to sell a whopping 86,798 units in its debut. The Metroid series has never been a traditional big seller in Japan compared to the West, where Dread was the highest-grossing series launch in the UK, but it was easily its best opening week numbers Japan as well. Check out the sales records from Game Data Library below for an idea:

It’s worth noting that the list doesn’t specify whether the Japan sales figures come from Famitsu, Dengeki, or Media Create trackers, but it still gives us a good estimate on where Metroid Dread stacks compared to previous Metroid games. Not only does Metroid Dread double any other Metroid debut, but its opening alone already makes it the third bestselling Metroid game in the past 20 years in Japan.

Other new releases helped bolster the weekly sales, including Far Cry 6 on PlayStation 4 (34,219 copies) and PlayStation 5 (16,686 copies). Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! opened with 9,513 units sold for the Nintendo Switch.

In hardware sales, we saw the debut of the Nintendo Switch OLED model in Japan. The new model sold 138,784, according to Famitsu’s trackers. The Nintendo Switch Lite debuted with 177,936 units sold in its debut, but keep in mind that the OLED model is the third model variation, so it was about as expected.

Weekly Famitsu Sales

Period: The week of October 4 – October 10 (2021)

Top-selling software: Metroid Dread – 86,798 (Nintendo Switch)

Nintendo Switch: 32,792 (Total: 17,198,146)

Nintendo Switch Lite: 8,650 (4,088,784)

Nintendo Switch OLED: 138,784 (New)

New 2DS LL (+ 2DS): 405 (1,174,950)

PS5: 13,786 (922,929)

PS5 Digital: 2,099 (177,974)

PS4: 961 (7,813,467)

Xbox Series X: 527 (64,284)

Xbox Series S: 2,920 (38,307)

Top 10 Software Sales

LW TW Title Weekly Sales Total Sales System Publisher
New 01. Metroid Dread 86,798 New Switch Nintendo
New 02. Far Cry 6 34,219 New PS4 Ubisoft
New 03. Far Cry 6 16,686 New PS5 Ubisoft
08. 04. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 12,257 4,085,509 Switch Nintendo
12. 05. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 11,936 4,450,954 Switch Nintendo
11. 06. Ring Fit Adventure 11,257 2,862,651 Switch Nintendo
10. 07. Minecraft 10,699 2,225,165 Switch Microsoft
New 08. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! 9,514 New Switch Playism
03. 09. Lost Judgment 8,589 140,834 PS4 Sega
07. 10. WarioWare: Get It Together! 7,787 144,966 Switch Nintendo