Famitsu readers voted the top 5 game songs, includes Chrono Trigger

Famitsu voted top game songs, Chrono Trigger & Final Fantasy V

The most well-established of all Japanese gaming magazines, Famitsu, recently asked its readers to vote on the greatest video game songs of all time. And suffice to say, they must have gotten a lot of different answers, because they collected 1,547 votes, yet the song in first place only received 50 votes. Wild, huh? Less surprising is the fact that Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy V appear on the list.

Granted, the huge disparity in voting highlights that this list is far from definitive. But it’s fun to talk about nonetheless! So here’s how it breaks down:

  1. The Sun Rises” – Okami (50 votes)
  2. Time’s Scar” – Chrono Cross (25 votes)
  3. To Zanarkand” – Final Fantasy X (24 votes)
  4. Clash on the Big Bridge” – Final Fantasy V (21 votes)
  5. Wind Scene” – Chrono Trigger (19 votes)

This list really reiterates how much Japan loves its RPGs, or it maybe just reiterates how phenomenal the soundtracks of the old Square games were. “Wind Scene” is a spectacular track, though I’d argue Chrono Trigger in general easily has the greatest game soundtrack of all time. “Clash on the Big Bridge” fromĀ Final Fantasy V is similarly one of the most frenetic and memorable songs I’ve ever heard in a game.

I’m more indifferent to the Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy X selections, and tragically, I’ve yet to play Okami. The song sounds pretty nice on a first listen though!

Let us know what you think of this list and if there are any glaring omissions.


John Friscia
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