‘Fall of Light: Darkest Edition’ announced for Nintendo Switch

fall of light

Earlier this week, it was revealed Nintendo wants to release 20 to 30 indie games a week. As people discuss its plans on the internet, we now know one of the newest indie games coming to Switch. Later this Summer, Fall of Light: Darkest Edition will be making its way to Nintendo’s new console. In a press release, publisher Digerati did not give an official release date for RuneHeads action RPG, but it did list some features and background info about it.

Fall of Light’s story centers around a warrior named Nyx and his daughter Aether, whose world was consumed by darkness. While on their quest to find the last place on Earth with light, they come across various shadowy enemies. By using 20 various stances, players can take on enemies in numerous ways, while unlocking hidden secrets along the way. An exclusive in the Darkest Edition is an all-new dungeon where players can fight new enemies.

fall of light

When the game is released, you can go to the Nintendo eShop and digitally download it, the same goes for the Xbox One and PS4 online stores as well. You can watch the full trailer for  Fall of Light: Darkest Edition below.


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