Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been delayed on Switch and Xbox

Fall Guys Switch delay

If you were looking forward to finally being able to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Switch this summer, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. This morning, developer Mediatonic announced that the Switch and Xbox versions of Fall Guys has been delayed, as the Summer 2021 release window is “just too soon.”

Recently, Mediatonic announced it had been purchased by Epic Games, which the developer says will allow it to enhance the experience for Fall Guys players across all platforms. Unfortunately, this means that both versions won’t be ready for summer, though Mediatonic promises the wait will be worth it. In the meantime, they’ll be working on adding a bunch of new features, including the much-longed for crossplay ability.

Meanwhile, Mediatonic hasn’t forgotten about the existing platforms, so if you play on PlayStation or PC, you’ll have some new updates coming your way in the form of the Season 4.5 update. This update will bring fall fashion into the cosmetic lineup, as well as introduce two new rounds of events for your bean to compete in.

There is currently no word on an updated release window for Fall Guys, so that’ll be something to keep an eye on as we delve into summer. I know this delay is disappointing for a lot of people, but Mediatonic has been really good about building trust with the Fall Guys community, so I have every confidence that the final product will absolutely be worth the wait!


Steven Rollins
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