7.6 tons of fake Pokémon cards seized by customs officials

fake Pokémon cards

Pokémon cards are pretty popular nowadays, and thanks to a recent boom in the trading card market (even driving some retailers to suspend in-store sales earlier this year), there is incidentally a bit of a market for fake Pokémon cards as well. Perhaps even a fairly sizable market. The incredible demand for Pokémon trading cards likely explains part of why a shipment of counterfeit cards exceeding 7.6 tons was recently on its way out of China, until customs officials got involved. Yicai, a Chinese state-affiliated media reporter, shared the discovery of the fake cards over Twitter last week. You can view the tweet below.

The positively massive haul of fake Pokémon cards was packed across twenty boxes. The cards were evidently headed towards the Netherlands en route from major Chinese city Qingdao. It is unclear what led customs officials to investigate the boxes in the first place, nor is it clear how they identified the counterfeit status of the cards. Perhaps there is a Pokémon fan among the officials, or perhaps these were just really bad fakes.

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