Extra fluffy Kirby and Waddle Dee cushions release next month in Japan

Kirby and Waddle dee cushions

The online store Village Vanguard began preorders for new Kirby and Waddle Dee cushions in Japan. The pillows aren’t only extra fluffy but made with an extra soft touch.

Kirby and Waddle dee cushions

Both cushions measure approximately 35cm x 35cm (15″), just about the perfect size to have one sitting on a chair, as shown in the above image. They’re made of 94% polyester and 6% polyurethane (and 100% polyester fluff).

Kirby and Waddle dee cushions

The cushions are designed primarily as decorations, but if you want to sit on Kirby or Waddle Dee’s face, that’s fine too. In any case, you can grab them for 1,650 yen (~$15.10) each at the Village Vanguard online shop. Find the Kirby cushion and the Waddle Dee cushion at the respective links. Village Vanguard will ship out the extra fluffy cushions through mid-May (May 11-20) and late May (May 21-31).

The latest main series release is Kirby Star Allies, which was released for the Nintendo Switch in March 2018. Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, the 3DS port of the 2010 Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Wii, followed in March 2019. Nintendo and HAL Laboratory recently released the first Kirby series official art book with over 200 pages and 500 illustrations. If you’d rather grab a huggable 15″ Club Mocchi- Mocchi- Sonic plush, Target stores will soon begin selling them exclusively for $38.99.