Exclusive Luigi GameCube controller now sold out

HORI GameCube controller

For die-hard Luigi fans looking to get their hands on HORI’s GameCube Luigi controller, we have some bad news for you. Not only is it a Japanese exclusive, but it is officially completely sold out. The controller was released just a year ago and up until now, you could easily find it in most retail stores.

In Japan, however, it was released last month as part of a GEO-exclusive Nintendo Switch bundle. It included not just the controller but a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That the Luigi controller in Japan at least was never sold separately, but was sold in a limited quantity bundle. Now it has become almost impossible for those to get just the Luigi controller on its own.

Japanese gamers looking to own the controller may have to import it. While that may not come cheap, it seems to be the only way to get your hands on it in Japan. Resellers are likely going to take advantage of that situation and raise the price quite heavily.


Tarah Bleier