Exclusive: GravBlocks+ Coming to Wii U eShop

From Nothing Game Studios may not be a household name yet, but with their entry into the ever growing Wii U indie marketplace they are hoping to make a splash. Consisting of a team of developers from the Minnesota School of Business, and a release on the Android marketplace of a puzzle game, From Nothing Game Studios has contacted us with word of their first Wii U title: GravBlocks+


GravBlocks+ is a re-imaging of their previously released Android title. From Nothing Game Studios has told us that they don\’t see this as a sequel of remake, but as a new title. GravBlocks+ is a \”match three\” puzzle game, but with the focus being on using gravity to aid your strategy instead of combo building. The game will consist of five gameplay modes, including an all new story mode. There will also be an expanded Puzzle Mode with over 50 new challenges. Adding to that will be over 80 Accomplishments that you \”un-block\” during game play.

From Nothing Game Studios is also reworking the graphics and backgrounds to better suit the Wii U. Finally, online leader boards will be offered to even further the longevity of the title. GravBlocks was well received on the Android Marketplace with positive reviews, so hopefully From Nothing Game Studios can capture that magic with the Wii U audience. Look for more updates on this title in the upcoming weeks. GravBlocks+ is slated for a Q2 2014 release.

Shawn Long
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