Exclusive launch trailer: Angry Alligator will terrorize humans & eat bears in an open world

Angry Alligator launch trailer Lion Castle Backup Plan exclusive

Lion Castle and Backup Plan have shared exclusively with Nintendo Enthusiast the launch trailer for Angry Alligator, an open-world adventure for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 where you play as an alligator eating everything in sight. The game launches on Nintendo Switch with a release date of October 19, 2021, but the PlayStation 4 release date is still to be confirmed. It will retail for $29.99 physically and digitally, though it is currently 10% off on the eShop. GS2 Games is handling publishing in North America, while Lion Castle is handling it for Europe.

As its new launch trailer demonstrates, Angry Alligator is straightforward in its promises: There is an alligator, it is angry for assorted reasons, and it is going on a feeding frenzy eating animals and maybe dimwitted tourists. Everything from frogs to bears is fair game, but you’re really angry at humans for polluting the land: “Do all you can to mess with those stinky hoomans! Raid their camps, pull them through toilets or even blow things up using EXPLOSIONS! It’s revenge time!” You’ll also be rescuing other gators from experimentation, dodging drones, and taking on bosses.

It sounds like a land version of Tripwire Interactive’s Maneater in a lot of ways. And the wise crocodile known as… Wisecroc will guide you on your quest to eat and grow from a baby alligator to a massive beast. Add in different playable gators and customization options like hats and wigs, (You can also cover your tail in spikes?) and Angry Alligator aims to be a meaty open-world adventure. And you will be eating all of that meat.

John Friscia
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