Evil genius creates the most frustrating Super Mario Maker 2 levels ever

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Some level creators were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. You run into all kinds of levels in Super Mario Maker 2; some are short and sweet, others challenge Mario experts, and of course, there are nail-biting Kaizo levels. However, some creators delight in creating the most frustrating Mario Maker levels, and one aims to make these stages even worse.

YouTuber Ceave Gaming began by cataloging some of the worst kinds of levels players can come across online in Super Mario Maker 2. Leaps of faith, hidden blocks, guess the door, you name it! With these exercises in tedium in mind, Ceave runs with the hypothesis “Can we do worse?” and ultimately succeeded. Using off-screen switches and triggers among other means, the Austrian gamer demonstrates just how low the bar for patience can go.

Previously, Ceave attempted to break Super Mario Maker 2‘s score counter at 999,999,990 points. He succeeded in maximizing the score counter with a stage which took 468 in-game seconds and several hours in real time to beat.

With Ceave’s ideas, are you planning on running with your own fiendishly frustrating Mario Maker levels? Which of these dastardly mechanics would you add in your creations? Let us know below.


Jeffrey McDonell
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