Evil Dead: The Game gameplay trailer reveals more classic characters

Evil Dead: The Game gameplay trailer Nintendo Switch release date 2021 Ash, Kelly Maxwell, Pablo Simon Bolivar, Scotty, Lord Arthur, Cheryl Williams and Henry the Red

Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games have debuted the Evil Dead: The Game gameplay trailer, showcasing numerous playable characters, including Ash, Kelly Maxwell, Pablo Simon Bolivar, Scotty, Lord Arthur, Cheryl Williams, and Henry the Red. (You can also drive Ash’s Delta.) It is a 4v1 survival horror game where four player survivors collaborate to combat the Deadites and get rid of the Kandarian Demon, which is also controlled by a player. The game is slated to launch sometime in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Bruce Campbell is providing new voice work for Evil Dead: The Game, and he narrates the gameplay trailer as well. But basically, if you’ve ever played an asymmetrical horror game before, you probably have an idea of how this title will play. There will be more than 25 weapons though, like Ash’s Gauntlet, Boomstick, and chainsaw, and there are skill trees to level up to increase your odds of survival. Alternatively, the Kandarian Demon can use powers of possession to kill everyone and eat their souls. That’s cool too.

Evil Dead: The Game was first announced in December 2020 during Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards, so it makes sense that a new announcement would come today during Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, alongside reveals of Two Point Campus and Elden Ring.


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