Evening Star, made of Sonic Mania devs, is hiring for a 3D action platformer

former Sonic Mania devs developer Evening Star hiring for 3D action platformer

Back in February 2019, core members of the Sonic Mania development team formed new distributed game studio Evening Star, and the studio has been quiet almost ever since. However, today, Evening Star announced that it is hiring a 3D artist, level designer, gameplay programmer, and engine programmer for a new 3D action platformer game it is developing with its proprietary “HD 3D” Star Engine. It has an unspecified publisher lined up for the game as well, and further details will come “soon.”

Evening Star hasn’t been forthright with providing additional details on its 3D action platformer, except to provide a silhouette (above) of what is likely the game’s protagonist. Only the most minor additional clues might be scraped together from looking at the job listings. For instance, the 3D artist will create “low- to mid-poly environment and character models.”

However, Star Engine and StarSDK themselves provide a bit more information. Star Engine is described as a high-definition companion to Creative Director and Lead Engine Architect Christian Whitehead’s Retro Engine, which fueled Sonic Mania. Evening Star will operate in a lean capacity using this engine with its 3D action platformer, and the engine is designed to “allow low friction experimentation with non-photorealistic rendering techniques and contains a robust set of APIs and authoring tools suited for creating stylistic 3D games, eschewing many of the heavier elements demanded of workflows focused on realism, and leveraging automation where possible to allow our team to punch above our weight.”

Evening Star isn’t the first group of developers to garner massive popularity with a 2D game and then pivot to 3D. Notably, Yacht Club Games, the creator of Shovel Knight, has been hiring quite a while for its own mysterious 3D project.


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