Eurogamer: New Paper Mario aims to surpass Thousand-Year-Door

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Paper Mario is a franchise that brings up conflicted emotions for many. The original and its sequel, Thousand-Year-Door, quickly earned a soft spot in many Nintendo fans’ hearts. After that, the series began to experiment with very mixed results. While the last few entries have still sold well, they’ve left a bad taste in the mouths of longtime players. However, in recent weeks we’ve been hearing lots of rumors about a new Paper Mario that goes back to its roots.

New Paper Mario

Back in January, multiple leakers hinted that a back to roots Paper Mario was on the way. Since then, bigger publications like Video Games Chronicle have picked up the story. Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips is the latest to corroborate this story, and their sources added a new tidbit about Nintendo’s aspirations.

Many fans consider the series’ GameCube entry Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door to be the franchise pinnacle – and this is something the current game is shooting for. More recent entries have smoothed away some of the series’ RPG heritage and experimented with platforming gimmicks – neither of which have gone down as well with fans.

Surpassing Thousand-Year-Door

Nintendo wants to take the new Paper Mario back to its roots and set a new standard for the series. As a huge fan of Thousand-Year-Door myself, that’s music to my ears! Frankly, I’d be happy just with a port of the GameCube classic to Switch. But if Nintendo can really surpass it with a new game, count me in!

Nintendo has, of course, not commented on this story. It remains officially unconfirmed, but as more large publications like Eurogamer confidently back it, it’s starting to look pretty likely. Perhaps we’ll get our first glimpse in June, during the week that would have been E3.


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