Polish those gunblades: ESRB rates Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered, signaling an impending launch


I was pleasantly surprised to see Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered get revealed during E3 2019. It’s a title in the JRPG series that often gets overlooked, and I was concerned fans of the game would never see a modern release. After all, FFVIII was never part of the conversation when Square Enix announced a slew of FF titles for Nintendo Switch. Now that gamers know it is real, I am looking forward to giving it a shot. It looks like we do not have long to wait, as the ESRB has just rated the game.

The ESRB is more than a self-regulatory organization

The rating board just assigned FFVIII: Remastered a rating of “T for Teen.” This means the game has some blood, language, violence, alcohol, and suggestive themes:


Go easy there, ESRB. You are spoiling a 20-year-old video game.

Although the ESRB is best known as a rating board designed for parents to gauge a title’s appropriate age level, it can also be used to guess a game’s release date. Typically, titles are only rated around the time of their launch. Knowing this information, it’s safe to assume FFVIII: Remastered‘s date of availability will be announced by Square Enix soon. Fingers crossed it has a stealth release tomorrow.

Second chances

I will admit I did try out FFVIII many years ago on the original PlayStation. It didn’t impress me, especially with its magic system, so I ended up shelving it. However, I have grown as an individual and contain slightly more patience. More likely than not, I will download FFVIII: Remastered and see if it is as worthy as FFVII and FFVI. Probably not, though; those games are untouchable.

My fellow readers, do you believe FFVIII: Remastered is around the corner due to the ESRB rating? Are you hesitant to buy it because of the “blood splashes” and “naughty magazine?” Let us know in the comment section below.


Arthur Damian
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