Epic Mickey composer shows off unused musical track from the game

Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey came out a long time ago, but it holds a dear spot in many of our hearts as an enjoyable Disney platformer. Revisiting the game today might be a bit tough – I tried kind of recently, and it’s loaded with jagged controls, poor camera angles, and a constant deluge of intrusive, five-second long cutscenes that awkwardly segment the action. The music, however, holds up quite well with a distinctive Disney flair, so it’s quite exciting to see the composer, Jim Dooley, share an unused track that never made it into the game.  Check it out below, courtesy of Dooley’s YouTube channel.

The track sounds pretty good if you ask me. It’s a solid little tune that clearly fits with the rest of Epic Mickey. Honestly, the track pretty much immediately makes me nostalgic for older Disney games – and kind of makes me hope that Disney will start exploring making games with their properties again. Dating all the way back to the NES and SNES games, Disney games have a certain charm and comfort to them that is hard to beat. There is some hope, as Disney affirmed earlier this year that it wants developers to experiment with its characters. In the meantime, though, most of the quality new Disney gaming content we get will probably be lost stuff like this.

Nick Pearson
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