Epic Chef brings ‘anti-life-sim’ cooking adventure to Switch in 2021

Infinigon Games Team17 Epic Chef Nintendo Switch console announcement trailer PlayStation 4 Xbox One

Publisher Team17 and developer Infinigon Games have announced that anti-life-sim cooking adventure Epic Chef will come physically and digitally to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later in 2021. The game “combines food fights with a witty, quirky, story-driven campaign,” and the protagonist, Zest, will meet a cast of colorful characters around the town of Ambrosia. That all sounds slightly difficult to grasp, and watching the all-too-short Epic Chef console announcement trailer does not make things any clearer. It sure does look pretty though.

Farming, foraging, and food fights will all coalesce in the gameplay of Epic Chef on Switch. The “food fights” are more like cooking battles though, and you and your opponent will be scored on various factors, with each individual judge looking for different things. You can combine assorted ingredients for thousands of different potential combinations, both for better and for worse. Additionally, you have a dilapidated and apparently haunted mansion to repair, so maybe prepare yourself by doing a quick playthrough of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

For a slightly longer and more insightful look at Epic Chef, you can take a look at its announcement trailer from last year. You’ll see how there are a variety of locations you can visit in town, including the tavern, the spa, and the fishing spot.

Epic Chef sounds like it will be a much different Nintendo Switch cooking experience than the likes of Overcooked! All You Can Eat, and that variety will surely work in its favor when it launches later this year.

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