EON GCHD Mk-II brings GameCube gaming to the modern age

EON GCHD Mk-II brings GameCube gaming to the modern age

Playing retro games today can be a chore. We have bigger TVs with better displays, but different setups are required. Remember the days of A/V cables? Now HDMI is king. Thankfully, the Nintendo GameCube has joined this current era courtesy of the EON GCHD Mk-II.

Releasing in December for $149, this is the second model of the original GCHD. This plug-in HDMI adapter for the GameCube aims to make your games look better than ever before. There are also some new additions from the previous model that fans will appreciate. Here is the full rundown:

  • Standard HDMI out, delivering native 480p
  • Additional Wii Component/SCART port supporting additional video options
  • Dual video display
  • 3.5 mm stereo audio out/MiniTOSLINK
  • Updated custom GCVideo firmware
  • A redesigned plug made from ballistic nylon for a snug-and-secure fit
  • 3 new colors (Indigo, Black, and Platinum)

GameCube gaming today

The original GCHD released back in January and was quickly embraced by GameCube fans everywhere. Even the Super Smash Bros. Melee community has adopted it in their esports tournaments. CRT TVs are going the way of the dodo bird. Therefore, this HDMI solution has been a godsend.

Competitive Smash Bros. player Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma is a prominent voice for the GCHD. Acting as EON brand ambassador, he stated the following:

The EON GameCube HD Adapter remains, to this day, the only alternative to CRTs that I am more than comfortable using. This is what will help Melee live on in the future, and it should be adopted as the new standard by all tournament organizers.

You can find information on the GCHD at the EON Gaming website.

David Giltinan
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