Enter the Gungeon devs ready for next project

Enter the Gungeon is a gigantic randomized dungeon crawler made by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital (who constantly pump out quality games). But it’s been around for five years now, and according to a post on Reddit by one of the devs, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Subsequently, the final paid DLC will face a bit of downsizing.

In July of 2018, Gungeon dropped a massive DLC/update called Advanced Gungeons & Draguns. It was entirely free and added over 30 new guns, bosses, and hidden floors. Quite honestly, it was a truly ambitious way to refresh the already beloved title. And fans have been anxiously waiting for the next “big update” that Dodge Roll had been promising.

It’s time to move on

Enter the Gungeon DLC Update Dodge Roll Devolver

Well, in this statement from all of Dodge Roll by one u/DecoyOctorok, their next big DLC just got a lot smaller. The devs have been tirelessly working on this violently charming game for years now. At the time of its release, they were a very small team with not much experience in the field.

Because of that, a lot of the foundation for EtG relies on outdated or unstable code. So whenever the team decides to add in any new equipment or guns, they have to check with every other item in the game to make sure nothing breaks.

It is so refreshing that they’re being so transparent about the entire thing. I never knew how difficult it was for them to include any new items. The team stated they loved working on Gungeon, but that their next game would be even bigger and more ambitious.

Big expansion becomes final update

Enter the Gungeon DLC Update Dodge Roll Devolver

So, they’ve decided to cease development on the paid expansion, and instead, shrink it down to a free final update. They’ve promised this update will include at least 20 new guns, 10 new items, and even more synergetic combinations. It will also include fixes for long-time bugs, improve the performance overall on the Nintendo Switch, and introduce a final playable character known only as “Paradox.”

All told, this is good news. It shows that Dodge Roll is ready to dive back in and bring their skills and charm to an entirely new project. I’m excited to see it.

But what do you think? The final update isn’t what they promised, but it’s much better than just dropping the game altogether, right? Are you happy for the dev team? Or a bit upset? Let us know in the comments what you think the future for Dodge Roll entails.

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