Engine Software isn’t bringing Killer7 to Nintendo Switch after all

Engine Software Killer7 Nintendo Switch Ruud van de Moosdijk

The other day, it came to light that the LinkedIn profile of Engine Software owner & VP of Development Ruud van de Moosdijk listed Killer7 as a title in development for Nintendo Switch. However, van de Moosdijk has now clarified to Nintendo Life that it was just a mistake, and Engine Software is not bringing the game to Switch:

Without saying anything about unannounced projects, the unannounced project I am working on with a prolific Japanese developer, is not Killer7 for Switch sorry

The banner on linkedin should have been changed, as in the end we only did a PC version of Killer7.

Amusingly, van de Moosdijk has updated his LinkedIn to read “Killer7 Remaster (PC only, sorry).” And indeed, that game did release on PC back in 2018. So, that’s that then.

That doesn’t preclude the possibility that some other developer could port the game to Nintendo Switch at some point, though it seems somewhat unlikely. At least the odds are good that Suda51’s No More Heroes is coming to the platform, per a Taiwan listing, and of course No More Heroes 3 continues to be in development and looks bonkers as expected. If you want to engage in violent assassinations on a Nintendo console, this franchise may have to do.


John Friscia
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