End of year: Nintendo reveals best-selling indie games of 2021

Best-selling indie games 2021

In mere DAYS, 2021 will end. We here at Nintendo Enthusiast have been celebrating the occasion with some Best Of lists throughout the month. Meanwhile, Nintendo itself decided to have some recognitions of its own. With indie games, as a matter of fact. Using its own Indie World, the Big N has highlighted the best-selling indie games of 2021 with a short YouTube video montage.

I see a few indies on this best-selling list I have yet to pick up

Have a look at the titles below:

There is a lot of variety on display here, and some killer guitars, too! Indie games have a wonderful home on Nintendo Switch.

At the forefront of this video is the excellent Cyber Shadow, which is the best Sunsoft-like game I totally forgot came out this year. Also on display are the trippy Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!, the dazzling but I’m not sure it’s an indie Tetris Effect Connected, and the ambitious Axiom Verge 2. There are more divisive titles, as well, like Eastward and Road 96. And is it just me, or does Littlewood look too much like Stardew Valley? I guess it doesn’t matter, seeing as how Stardew Valley itself was inspired by Harvest Moon, after all.

Enthusiasts, what did you think of the best-selling indie games of 2021? Will you be purchasing any on sale? Let us know below.


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