Enchanted Portals may have a publisher, halts Kickstarter plans

Enchanted Portals Cuphead Xixo Games Studio publisher Kickstarter canceled

Enchanted Portals is a new game being produced by Xixo Games Studio, a Spanish indie developer consisting entirely of two people. With its cartoon style, emphasis on boss fights, and even jazzy music and familiar attack animations, the game screams comparisons to Cuphead from the tops of the tallest mountains. Despite its unabashed status as a clone though, Enchanted Portals still looks like a ton of work has been put into it, particularly in its art, and publishers are apparently taking notice.

Xixo Games Studio has put plans for an Enchanted Portals Kickstarter on indefinite delay because they are “in the middle of negotiations with a publisher.” Obviously, a publisher could provide the funds for the project that a Kickstarter would have potentially provided, so there is no need to pursue both avenues.

The developer has also taken to heart the ocean of feedback that has come from social media about their game, especially pertaining to criticisms of its being a Cuphead clone. In response to the feedback, they wrote that they “agree that having more elements that further differentiate ourselves from Cuphead would greatly benefit the game, so from now on we’ll work towards adding some more original gameplay mechanics, a more whimsical soundtrack that fits the setting, and as many other unique elements as possible.”

Good for Xixo, recognizing that there are limits to how far “inspirations” should go. I’m curious to see how Enchanted Portals evolves from here.


John Friscia
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