Enchanted Portals, a discount Cuphead, is heading to Kickstarter

Enchanted Portals on Kickstarter, discount Cuphead

So here’s the thing about Enchanted Portals by developer Xixo Games Studio: In a world where Cuphead never existed, this game would look charming and maybe even a little awe-inspiring. However, Cuphead does exist, and so Enchanted Portals can’t shake the feeling of being a straight-to-VHS knockoff. Put another way, it’s the GoBots to Cuphead‘s Transformers. From the hand-drawn style to the seeming exclusive emphasis on boss fights, it just screams “derivative.” Take a look for yourself.

Ostensibly, Enchanted Portals looks pretty solid, right? The backgrounds are quite vibrant and attractive overall, and it seems like there will be a wide assortment of bosses to combat in co-op battles. But when you compare it to the C-word, you instantly realize that most of the characters are less imaginative. The witch on the moon looks utterly bland, the princess frog looks like clip art, and… actually the main characters look like clip art too. I kind of like the octopus at least. And the animation seems pretty decent, aside from the stilted intro sequence.

If you have a big heart and can see the potential in this game, Enchanted Portals is coming to Kickstarter on Oct. 24 with the intent to release on Switch and PC.

Do you think this game could be legitimately great in spite of its derivative nature? If so, tell us about it! I really would like to hear what you think on this one.


John Friscia
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