Embassy of Poland in U.S. appreciates ‘thank you for The Witcher’ sign

Embassy of Poland in U.S. likes The Witcher thank you sign

Let’s file this one under “random in a good way.” The Embassy of Poland in the United States has tweeted out their appreciation for a sign hung up at the embassy that reads, “Thank you Poland for The Witcher.”

As it turns out, we know who printed up this odd little thank-you: Reddit user NotAfraidofAlQaeda (quite the name), who shared pictures of his deed at the Poland embassy two weeks go. In explanation of the image, he wrote, “I recently got over cancer, and Witcher 3 was a huge help through chemo/surgery/etc, and I live a few blocks from the embassy so I decided to show a little love.”

It’s a pleasant case of gratitude begetting more gratitude and love begetting more love. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an awesome game that has sucked up millions of hours of gamers’ lives, but for some, it’s a more serious matter than for others.

Thanks to Poland, CD Projekt Red, and Saber Interactive, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will launch on Nintendo Switch on Oct. 15, where it hopefully will not be drowned out by the rest of the major late-quarter releases this year. Will you be picking it up? If you’ve never played it before, you just might be crazy if you don’t.

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