Electrician Simulator on Switch won’t let you die of electrocution

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I’m not sure when or how Poland became the glorious land of simulator games for every topic you can possibly think of, from the egregious to the fanciful. Nonetheless, I’m happy to report on each and every one of these simulator oddballs that don’t give us much site traffic. Thus — publisher Ultimate Games and developer Take IT Studio! have announced Electrician Simulator for Nintendo Switch, and it is also coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. A free demo called Electrician Simulator – First Shock is available on Steam, and there’s a trailer too.

In Electrician Simulator on Nintendo Switch, you will have an “electrifying career” (brilliant) with diverse assignments to carry out, many skills and tools to use, and the possibility to expand your workshop. It aims to be an authentic experience that will launch this year on PC and at some point in the future on consoles.

“The game will distinguish itself through its refinement and attention to detail,” said Take IT Studio! COO Dorian Loewe. “We place great emphasis on the lighting, making sure that it always looks realistic. The gameplay is directly based on the real work performed by electricians, but we are also introducing some simplifications, as great and relaxing fun is our top priority. We are sure that Electrician Simulator will appeal to both electricity specialists and players not very well acquainted with the topic.”

So, if you dream of becoming an electrician or really want to force your child down this specific career path, Electrician Simulator on Switch might be a great first step. There’s no fear of electrocution here!

[Source: PR]

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