Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes hits its next-gen Nintendo stretch goal

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Kickstarter funded PC next-generation Nintendo Switch 2 console Rabbit & Bear Studios Suikoden successor

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is off to a blazing fast start on Kickstarter. Its launch mysteriously correlated with the entire site going down a handful of times, it covered its initial $500,000 funding goal practically instantaneously and subsequently swept past its console stretch goal and a few others, which means one especially important thing: this Suikoden love letter is now planned for Nintendo’s next-generation console, as well as both current and next-gen PlayStation and Xbox systems (you can find a bit more on why they’re gunning for a “Switch 2” or another follow-up instead of the original Switch here, but in short, the devs believe that porting the game to the current Switch would be a nearly insurmountable amount of code rewrites and downgrading).

At the time of writing, Eiyuden Chronicle has raised $1,739,500, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon – heck, I had to edit this sentence three times just while composing it just because of donations flying in. As such, in addition to the console stretch goal, players can now look forward to Eiyuden Chronicle featuring a cooking minigame, New Game Plus mode, amped-up sound effects, Chinese localization, and a guild system. The campaign is quickly closing in on another trio of stretch goals as well – at $1.8 million, a new hero named Perrielle will join the ranks, a fishing minigame comes at $1.95 million, and a currently unexplained $2.1 million stretch goal gives no explanation other than its title, which is “Stay Outta the Water!”

Suikoden went dormant years ago, and now many of the original creators are taking matters into their own hands with Eiyuden Chronicle. Fans answered – and are still answering as more donations fly in by the second – their call for support loud and clear. If Rabbit & Bear Studios can deliver, we’ll have a bona fide spiritual successor to the incredibly unique, long lost Suikoden series. It’s one of the most exciting prospects in gaming, if you ask me.

Nick Pearson
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