EGLX: Log Jammers preview for NES

Log Jammers for NES Nintendo Entertainment System and Steam

Mega Cat Studios is a developer that specializes in creating new games for old systems. The company has a catalog of games for the NES, SNES, and Genesis, each an original title for retro enthusiasts to pick up. Multiplayer release Log Jammers is among the newest of the developer’s offerings. Log Jammers, slated for an upgraded launch on Steam in the future, features fun yet simple multiplayer gameplay on the NES.

The gameplay

At the beginning of the match, each player chooses a lumberjack to play as. The characters are quirky, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The object? To throw the ax into one of the opponent’s goals, wracking up points proportionate to the difficulty of the target. The other player, meanwhile, acts as a goalie. After intercepting an ax throw, a player gets the opportunity to retaliate and score a goal of their own.

The mechanics felt really quick, especially for an NES game. I enjoyed strategizing about the angle at which I would throw the ax to fool my opponent. Because the ax can ricochet off walls, each player must not only react in time but accurately guess the trajectory of the ax. This introduces an element of strategy beyond just throwing the ax back and forth.

Few tricks

Unfortunately, there are not too many tricks to this pony. There are a variety of maps, but the game itself changes little. There aren’t really obstacles in any of the maps, so the variety is purely a matter of aesthetics. Moreover, though the characters each play slightly differently, at its core the game seems too simple to enjoy an extended shelf life. As a new NES game in 2018, it makes sense the game is $40. As a practical matter, however, what I saw at EGLX makes it tough to pick up Log Jammers on the platform.

However, I also got to try out Log Jammers on Steam. The downloadable version fails in some of the nostalgia, but it looks far more modern and has updated features becoming of a game launched after the year 1990. Given its digital release, it will probably be priced far cheaper than its physical counterpart as well. I’m sure it will be cool for those picking up the NES version to also have the Steam version. But those playing on Steam will have little reason to dive backward to pick up the NES copy.

The NES version of Log Jammers is already available directly from Mega Cat Studios’ website. The Steam version, meanwhile, is slated for launch in February of next year.

Eli Pales
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