EGLX 2019 highlights: Nintendo, Ubisoft, cosplay, and the joy of chilling out

EGLX 2019 highlights Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo Toronto, Canada

Let’s get disclosures out of the way up front: Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo — EGLX — is a convention run by Nintendo Enthusiast’s parent company, Enthusiast Gaming. And we’re proud of that, actually, because it’s a great company trying to do so many cool and different things. For example… they put on conventions like EGLX in Toronto, Canada!

A lot of funny, exciting, and weird stuff happened this year, so much so that we and our myriad sister sites haven’t even finished writing and recording about it all yet. But here’s a quick highlight reel of what you missed if you couldn’t attend in person!

Burning questions about Nintendo lore

Nintendo Enthusiast knows how to have fun, but we also know how to ask questions that get at the very heart of what Nintendo is. Questions that provide entire new dimensions to beloved characters. Questions like… if Kirby would feel like a naked mole rat in real life, or whether Princess Peach is too good for Mario.

Watching even one of these EGLX videos is bound to have a profound effect on how you view classic Nintendo characters. Brett and Greg really understand how to expand people’s minds.

The official Nintendo of Canada was of course present at the show as well, where fans could try out the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3 and other heavy-hitters from Nintendo.

Talking Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed at EGLX

EGLX 2019 housed an in-depth panel with Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion producer Lathieeshe Thillainathan and lead narrative designer Kaitlin Tremblay about what it truly means to play as anyone in this ambitious game. The title sadly isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch, but PC Invasion has provided a full rundown of the various topics discussed, including the nature of permadeath, how to run a proper resistance, and the challenges of creating just so much content for all the playable characters. Additionally, it turns out that badass granny Helen from the E3 trailer was almost cut from the game “like 15 times”!

Meanwhile, Destructoid conducted an EGLX Q&A panel with venerated designer Patrice Désilets, creator of Assassin’s Creed who has since moved on to found Panache Digital Games. While there, Désilets jokingly apologized for the existence of radio towers in Assassin’s Creed games. He also said that he would like to make a game based on the Dune franchise.

EGLX Destructoid Patrice Désilets interview

It’s not a convention without cosplay

At some point in recent human history, someone realized it didn’t have to be Halloween to dress up in a zany costume, and thus cosplay came into being. EGLX 2019 brought that in full force, as Destructoid has well documented. Here’s a quick sampling.

EGLX Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2019 cosplay EGLX Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2019 cosplay

EGLX presents Rainbow Six Canada Nationals and Rising Stars

The Rainbow Six Canada Nationals played out across two days at EGLX, and it was exactly what it sounds like: Canada’s best Rainbow Six Siege players blasting each other to bits. Daily Esports covered both days of the action, culminating in Team Canada’s triumph. (Yeah, the winning team didn’t have the most original name.)

EGLX also presented something completely different: the Rising Stars event, offering up tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Fortnite respectively. The goal was to discover the best up-and-coming amateur players and reward them with not just prize money but also actual sponsorship under Team Luminosity, plus an opportunity to attend three North American tournaments of the winners’ choice for free.

Hungrybox, a known superstar of the Melee scene, won Melee Singles at EGLX, but Miles “Soonsay” Foster won sponsorship for being the highest-placing unsponsored finalist. Likewise, known quantity ESAM won Smash Ultimate Singles, but he certainly isn’t lacking sponsorship.

And in a totally random turn of events, brothers and professional Luminosity Fortnite players SypherPK and JuniorPK had a fraternal slugfest in a bunch of games that weren’t Fortnite at EGLX, including unorthodox competitions in Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Double Dragon, and Ice Hockey.

Finally, Enthusiast Gaming revealed a new line of sportswear for Team Luminosity with Champion, and Daily Esports captured the details of how Canada’s first esports stadium, the Gaming Stadium, came into being. Whether or not that stuff is exciting to you may or may not depend upon if you live in Canada, but hey — still cool!

EG 2019 Luminosity Gaming Nintendo Ubisoft Toronto, Canada
A great shot from before the masses arrived (or maybe at the end of the day?).

EGLX was basically a party for gamers

Honestly, my personal favorite part of EGLX wasn’t any of the stuff I just outlined. My favorite part was just hanging around, talking with friends, and meeting new people with similar interests. I spent a lot of time in the Artist Alley admiring countless unique renditions of Persona characters, and I bought a copy of The Granstream Saga on PlayStation 1 at one of the retro game sellers. And of the many indie game developers lined up with booths at EGLX, I particularly liked The Crimson Diamond. (Stay tuned to The Escapist for previews of that and other EGLX indie games.)

Granted, all that might sound like a cop-out, or a conveniently smarmy way to conclude an article about an event held by our own company, but it’s true. Events like New York Comic Con have ballooned to a size where it’s literally difficult to stand still for a few seconds without getting in someone’s way. EGLX, however, is still at that lovable size where it can let in tens of thousands of people without making it a chore just to exist and walk around. It actually is the thing it claims to be — a video game expo for the fans where people can just… chill.

But we bet the party will be even bigger next year.

John Friscia
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