Pokémon murder pastry: Boy cries as his beloved Eevee cake is sliced in two

Eevee cake

The world of Pokémon is a warm, cuddly place. Well, besides all the fighting against their will. Regardless, fans like to celebrate the series in myriad ways. For example, a family in Japan recently bought their child a Baskin Robbins Eevee cake. The celebration quickly turned to terror, however, once the boy witnessed Eevee receive a face incision.

This Eevee cake will scar the poor kid forever

For reference, here is what the Baskin Robbins delicacy looks like:

Eevee cake
“Oh boy, nothing bad can happen to me today!”
Eevee cake
“I’m full of sugary goodness like the rest of you!”

Looks delicious! No one could ever be upset to receive a cake like this!

Let’s take a look at some live footage of the small boy receiving the dessert, courtesy of Twitter user @nyannyannyai:

Who could have imagined watching the adorable Eevee cake’s head get slashed would be upsetting to a child?

Thankfully, the boy accepted the circle of life eventually, happily eating Eevee’s innards because he is higher on the food chain:

Eevee cake
“Better him than me!”

This story ran the gauntlet of emotions. Happiness, terror, sadness, and finally, acceptance. Hopefully, Twitter videos will be able to be nominated for Oscars soon. I nominate this one for Best Drama.

Enthusiasts, do you feel for this kid’s devastating Eevee cake event? Have you experienced similar terrors in your youth? Let us know down below!

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