EB Games Canada rebranding to GameStop by the end of 2021

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According to a press release from the official franchise website, EB Games locations in Canada will be rebranded to carry the GameStop name before the end of 2021. The firm cited “feedback from valued customers and stockholders” in reachings its decision. The company provided little elaboration beyond the simple statement that they were rebranding Canadian EB Games locations.

Because the press release is so sparse, it is currently unclear whether or not GameStop is considering a rebrand in any other regions. It’s also not clear if the rebranding effort will come with any notable in-store changes, but that seems less likely.

As far as GameStop goes, this is one of the less insane headlines they’ve appeared in over the last couple of years. In recent memory, the company has faced numerous store closures and Covid-related controversies. Oh yeah, and their stock got memed to the moon earlier this year. After all of that, losing the name “EB Games” is a pretty easy pill to swallow.

Despite all of the chaos that constantly surrounds the GameStop brand name, it’s probably a sensible thing to bring all stores in the United States and Canada under the same title. For any Canadian friends who might be mourning the loss of EB games, fear not – we lost those in America over a decade ago, and we’re fine (or, at least, our problems are not caused by the GameStop brand name).


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