EA’s Summer Showcase [Updated]

Head inside for all the latest announcements from EA’s Summer Showcase…

Peter Moore has confirmed that they will be showing both Fifa 13, and Madden 13 for Wii U.

Madden 13 (Wii U)

    • Includes several new features, core gameplay, total play passing, react defence.
    • A new career more, either legacy or new.
    • New CBS commentary,
    • Touch controls, flick balling.
    • Navigate teams playbook, tap and slive. Make adjustments easily.
    • Tap on player, draw new route., Custom adjustments
    • Built for the first time (on a Nintendo console) with the Next Gen engine (used for years on other HD consoles) for amazing physics
    • Wii Classic Controllers and the New Wii U Pro controller support
    • Working on supporting two Wii U GamePads in the future
    • Wii U Launch Title
    • More info coming soon
    • Screens Here

Fifa 13 (Wii U)

    • First time the next gen engine will be on a Nintendo console.
    • Unique experience for Nintendo gamers.
    • Enhance single player, bringing a new way to play Fifa.
    • Opens game to any level of expertise. Embrace the casual demographic of the Wii U.
    • Live demo is showing large screen for TV gameplay, and small screen for GamePad gameplay.
    • You can play Fifa 13 exactly the same as PS3, 360 or you can use the new features.
    • Talking a penalty – Move Wii U pad around for panoramic view of the stadium, and to aim your kick.
    • Shake and shoot feature, shake the control or press L3 and that will bring up a goal on the Gamepad screen and you can tap where you want to shoot.
    • Touch screen passing, pass anywhere on the pitch by tapping the screen. Very precise control.
    • Manager functionality, loads of tabs on the screen you touch to select. This can happen whilst the match is still active. View can change to top down.
    • In depth stats, and make adjustments to tactics on the fly.
    • Substitutions tab, again make adjustments whilst the game is still playing. Can do this in other versions but then you have to pause and navigate a series of menus.
    • Formations menu, tactics tab, man marking
    • Co-op mode, players can continue to play the game whilst the player with the gamepad can take control of individual players. This works for up to five players!
    • Instantly invite people into a game from your Wii U friend list with a touch on the GamePad.
    • Wii Classic Controllers and the New Wii U Pro controller support
    • Wii U Launch title!
    • Screens Here

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan (Multi)
  • Shepherds saga may have come to a close, but theres more to come
  • It was previously mentioned that the Wii U version will feature all DLC on disc.
  • Players put in darkest corners of galaxy hunting down the leviathan who can take down a reaper.
  • They will unravel mystery and explore brand new worlds, and meet brand new characters.
Mass Effect 3 (Wii U)
  • This is the first Bioware title on a Nintendo console.
  • Wii U launch title.
  • Brand new control schemes using the GamePad.
  • Will be featuring the DLC and multiplayer on disc.
  • Will feature a back story feature so you can make any of the previous decisions before starting Mass Effect 3.
  • Exclusive weapon included only in Wii U version, allows targetting of six targets using touch
  • Screens here.
The event is now over. Nothing too shocking, but nice to see quite a few in depth looks at what EA is bringing to the Wii U.
Update: Clarified and added info
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