EarthBound tribute Pollyanna returns to YouTube after Sony pulled it

EarthBound tribute Pollyanna

In recent weeks, popular Mother/EarthBound videos have been disappearing from YouTube left and right. Despite being a Nintendo exclusive franchise, Sony owns the rights to the soundtrack for the first two games. Unfortunately, that means they can strike down uploads of popular tunes, and they’ve been making use of that right. In the process of pulling down soundtrack playlists, Sony also axed Pollyanna, a beloved Earthbound tribute with over 3 million views.

This was a pretty disheartening blow for the EarthBound community. Pollyanna is a labor of love that truly celebrates the franchise with beautiful animation and music. It seems that its brief inclusion of the St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir recording for Eight Melodies caught Sony’s eye or at least the eye of a copyright bot. However, this copyright crackdown doesn’t appear to be permanent. As of today, the original upload of Pollyanna is back on YouTube in all its glory. You can check it out below!

EarthBound tribute Pollyanna

Let’s hope that’s the end of this saga. That said, it certainly won’t be the last controversy over fan tributes to popular games. This is a tricky issue, as companies like Nintendo and Sony want to make sure they’re protecting their brand… and their profits. In this case, I think it’s safe to say Sony eventually made the right call. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch this video for the hundredth time.




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