New Earthbound Series Entry Won\’t Happen


A lot of Earthbound fans in North America and the UK became excited when the news was given that Earthbound was coming to the Wii U virtual console.  They also got excited when the creators of a popular fan translation for the script to Mother 3, offered it up to the Big \’N free of charge in hopes to get it reworked and released here in North America.  Despite all the great news, however, Earthbound’s creator Shigesato Itoi responded to a fan’s Twitter question when asked if he might create a sequel or new entry in the series, and said, \”Impossible.\”

For those unfamiliar with the weird and crazy world of Earthbound, the game takes place in a town in everyday U.S.A.  where the earth is invaded by aliens and a slew of other strange enemies.  The characters, who are mostly kids, get to fight off the baddies with baseball bats, yo yo’s, and even frying pans in old school turned based RPG battles.

Itoi, unfortunately, has not issued a full statement as to why making a sequel or a new entry into the series would be \”impossible\”, so we may never know.

A release date for the original Earthbound for the Wii U virtual console has been marked as sometime before the end of this year in both the UK and North America.

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[Source: Polygon]

Tom Stovall