Earthbound Dimensions is a fan project to reimagine EarthBound in 3D

Earthbound Dimensions EarthBound 3D Godot Engine antourenein

EarthBound is the definition of a cult classic, a game that didn’t sell particularly well yet influenced several games that sold fantastically well. Nintendo has been bizarrely stubborn about not bringing EarthBound or the Mother series in general to Nintendo Switch (despite Terry Crews’ Mother 3 protests), so it’s on the fans to keep the games alive and in the public consciousness. Along those lines, a programmer named antourenein is working on a fan project called Earthbound Dimensions, which aims to reimagine the SNES game in 3D. It is being made with Godot Engine, and antourenein recently uploaded a new video to show how the project is going. In short, it’s looking pretty promising.

Earthbound Dimensions Twitter is full of more short video clips and various images, like these cool ones of what the Burger Shop would look like in 3D. The aim is not to perfectly replicate the SNES game, as the creator intends to “include some modernized text/scenes, completely rearranged soundtrack and maybe even a few new secrets, as there are a lot of new places to hide things in three dimensions!” That is why the game is described as a reimagining as opposed to a remake. It has been in development since June 2020, where it began as an experiment “to try out Godot Engine 3D features and to better understand modeling and game assets workflow in Blender.”

Especially considering it is being made almost exclusively by one person, Earthbound Dimensions sounds like quite the undertaking, and it’s anyone’s guess if it will ever be finished or if Nintendo will even allow it to be finished. Nonetheless, we can agree the prospect of EarthBound in 3D is awfully enticing.

For more Mother in 3D, check out this incredible Mother fan art.


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