Earth Defense Force: World Brothers brings voxel action to Switch in May

voxel EDF Earth Defense Force: World Brothers release date May 27, 2021 Nintendo Switch D3 Publisher Yuke's

D3 Publisher and developer Yuke’s are launching Earth Defense Force: World Brothers digitally on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam on May 27, 2021. The game released in Japan late last year, and now it will be coming just about everywhere else. The game has a distinct new 3D voxel art style, but it still comes with “a ton of content” from the previous mainline Earth Defense Force games, including weapons, “historic soldier classes and enemies,” and also new classes and enemies for players “to mix and match their teams of four.” This is the first time the franchise has arrived on Switch.

The aim of Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is to take out huge enemies of all kinds — insect, robot, alien — and to use the right combination of classes to achieve it. The game can be played single-player with AI teammates, but D3 Publisher and Yuke’s encourage you to engage in four-player online co-op. You better hope the game finds a following on Nintendo Switch though, as there is no cross-play. Alternatively, the Switch version of Earth Defense Force: World Brothers specifically allows for four-player LAN co-op, if everyone has their own Switch and their own copy of the game.


John Friscia
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