Earth Defense Force 2 trailer shows the cult classic on Nintendo Switch

Earth Defense Force 2 Nintendo Switch trailer

D3 Publisher recently announced an Earth Defense Force 2 port for the Nintendo Switch, and we got a first look with a debut trailer.

The original Earth Defense Force 2 was released in July 2005 for PlayStation 2 as the second entry from the EDF series. While the game never saw a North American release, it was made available in Europe as Global Defence Force. D3 Publisher also released a Japan-only PSP port in April 2011. The PlayStation Vita remake, titled Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space, released in Japan in December 2014. North America eventually got EDF2 with the PS Vita remake in December 2015.

The Switch port will be based on the PS Vita version, so it will include the Air Raider class, online multiplayer, and other features introduced in the remake. Sandlot is also working on improving analog stick and aim adjustment options.

Check out the Earth Defense Force 2 for Nintendo Switch trailer below:

The trailer teases the Earth Defense Force 3 port that is coming to Switch this fall.

Lastly, D3 Publisher shared a new trailer for the latest entry from the mainline series, Earth Defense Force 6:

Unfortunately, we still don’t know which platforms it will release on, but we’ll probably hear more about it soon, considering that it has a 2021 release window.

Earth Defense Force 2 launches for Nintendo Switch in Japan on July 15, 2021.