The EA/Nintendo Rumors Squashed by Peter Moore Shows the Problem of Anonymous Sources

The long time feeling of Nintendo fans was that of abandonment from EA. A website ran an interview with an \”anonymous\” source of EA that stated \”Nintendo was dead to us very quickly\” that had the internet buzzing about the statement. Peter Moore, Chief Operating Office of EA, took to Twitter to comment on these rumors:

Don’t trust \”anonymous sources\”. Nintendo’s a great partner. They never have been, and never will be, ‘dead’ to EA… @EA .

— Peter Moore (@petermooreEA) January 23, 2014

The editor of the article then took to Twitter stating his facts were solid, and Moore had the following to say to him:

@Rob_Crossley_ I know where I, as the COO, and my company stands on this relationship, despite the comments of your anonymous source @EA

— Peter Moore (@petermooreEA) January 23, 2014

Now that the rumors have been squashed by EA themselves, it brings up the question of \”anonymous\” sources. Nintendo Enthusiast has gone on record for outing these anonymous sources that tend to give a black eye to the Nintendo brand, as we feel journalistic integrity is a very important matter. For real interviews with real developers, be sure to continue supporting our site as we strive to give you the TRUTH, whether it be positive or negative when it comes to Nintendo.

Shawn Long
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