EA VP Initially “Didn’t Get the Concept” of the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is obviously a unique concept in terms of the fact of how versatile the system is, switching (har har) from a home console to a portable device in a matter of seconds. Many people were initially confused about the console when the first teaser trailer aired for it, and it seems like evening gaming figures were as well.

In a recent interview with EA Worldwide Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund, he admits he was a bit perplexed by the device:

It’s doing really well, which I love. But I’ll be honest, when they first showed it to me years ago, I didn’t get the concept, I was puzzled by it. But then I was like, it’s Nintendo. They probably understand something that I don’t [laughs]. They usually do. I have a four-year old son and it’s like it’s connected to him. He will use it as a portable machine, he will plug it into the TV, but more importantly, he uses it like, ‘Do you want to play with me?’ Then he takes off the Joy-Con and we play Mario Kart together. He’s using it as intended, which just tells me that it’s working right. I think it’s a pretty special machine because it’s not just more of the same. I looked at it and thought, why would you play on that instead of this? But now it’s crystal clear to me why. That’s the Switch.

It remains to be seen if this will translate into EA bringing games for the Switch however.

Shawn Long
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