EA to bring ‘multiple’ games to Nintendo Switch this year

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Electronic Arts (EA) today released its fiscal 2020 Q4 results, and on an earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson revealed in his prepared remarks that “multiple EA games” will arrive on Nintendo Switch this year. Specifically, he stated, “And we’re also planning to deliver for more Nintendo fans, with multiple EA games set to launch on Nintendo Switch this year.” Which games exactly are unclear, though we already know that Burnout Paradise Remastered will release for the console on June 19.

More EA games coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020

EA executives touch upon many other topics in the earnings call. For instance, more of their games will come digitally to Google Stadia and Steam. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has seen more than 10 million new players since launch. Fiscal year 2020 was somehow the best year yet for The Sims 4. And the company outlined its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, stating the following, among other things:

We have an internal COVID-19 task force that has been tracking and making decisions on a daily basis since January to keep our teams safe, including early decisions to restrict business travel, cancel events, and close our Shanghai and Seoul facilities. By mid-March, we shifted nearly all of our global workforce to work from home in response to the growing threat of the pandemic. Through this transition, we’ve put a heavy focus on ensuring our people have everything they need to balance the challenges of work and home life during stay-at-home orders and physical distancing.

Yesterday, the EA Play Live 2020 digital showcase was announced for June 11, and at the time, it didn’t seem likely that the company would bring a lot of Nintendo Switch announcements to that event. Now, however, it could be a whole different story. Perhaps a rosier relationship between Nintendo and EA could be blooming yet again.

What games do you hope to see come to Switch this year?


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