EA Says Miyamoto Is Falling Down On the Job

Richard Hillerman from EA has decided that with the recent rise in handheld devices and the ability to just be able to swipe or poke at your iOS to get it to do what you want that Nintendo has dropped the ball.  That ball, according to Hillerman, was thrown into Shigeru Miyamoto’s court and Hillerman feels Miyamoto has \”falling down on the job\” and has failed to take that ball and run with it.

\”He’s falling down on the job.  And for the past five years that job has been taken over by a dead guy from Cupertino,\” said Hillerman.

The man he’s referring to is late Apple founder and genius Steve Jobs.  Hillerman believes that players are looking for more bang for their buck or a more single fabric of play.  He said players want their game where they want it, when they want it, and within a price range they can upright defend against others.

It’s hard to see where Hillerman has received his information from since people have been poking and sliding things on their DS systems since its first incarnation many years ago.  It’s that same poking and sliding on a 3DS that is one of its many features that has helped it currently outsell  more home consoles than any other device.

What do you think of Hillerman’s comments? Did he miss the memo about a nice handheld device called a DS?

Tom Stovall