EA Play Live 2021 is coming in July

EA Play Live Spotlight Series 2021 schedule date July 22, 2021 Electronic Arts video game announcements

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that EA Play Live 2021 will occur on July 22, 2021, bringing all the biggest new video game announcements for the many projects under the company’s vast umbrella. EA hasn’t gotten any more specific than that yet, just telling everyone to “save the date,” but there are plenty of projects we can expect to see.

First of all at EA Play Live 2021, we can always expect an update on Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, whether you care about it or not, along with the usual updates on massive sports franchises like Madden and FIFA. Also, EA owns Codemasters now, so we can probably expect to hear one or more racing game announcements. Meanwhile, Battlefield VI is expected to be formally revealed in June, with Criterion Games supporting DICE on its development (and resulting in the next Need for Speed being delayed), but July will likely give us a closer look at it.

DLC for Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is still possible, or if we’re really lucky there may be a sequel announcement. Likewise, there’s always the possibility of a Star Wars Battlefront III. And then of course there is BioWare, which is working on Dragon Age 4 and a new Mass Effect. (Aspyr is also reportedly busy remaking Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.)

How many of these EA Play Live 2021 announcements will have anything to do with Nintendo Switch remains to be seen, but at the least, there is always a chance of more EA Originals Switch games like Lost in Random.

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