EA Play Live 2020 digital showcase to occur June 11

EA Play Live 2020 digital showcase June 11 7:00 p.m. ET Nintendo Switch video games

E3 2020 may be dead, but Electronic Arts pays no mind to that. EA has already been doing its own thing for a few years now with separate EA Play events, and this year will be no different, mostly. EA Play Live 2020 will be a fully digital showcase occurring on Thursday, June 11 at 7:00 p.m. ET. It will stream at the EA website in addition to other unspecified locations, likely the usual suspects like YouTube and Twitch.

So what can we expect for Nintendo Switch at EA Play Live 2020? Well, uh, if we use history as precedent: not much. To date, the number of EA games released on Nintendo Switch can be counted on one hand: Fe, Unravel Two, FIFA 18, FIFA 19, and FIFA 20. However, the June 19 arrival of Burnout Paradise Remastered on Switch is a positive development at least. It definitely doesn’t involve a soccer ball, at least.

For some time now, many have felt that a casual game like The Sims would be a no-brainer on Switch. Alternatively, it may not be easy, but something like Star Wars Battlefront II would theoretically receive a pretty warm reception on the console as well. EA Play Live 2020 would become the toast of the town among Nintendo fans if it could drum up even one announcement along those lines.

What are you hoping to see from this digital showcase?


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