EA on FIFA 19 Switch version: “Everywhere you’ll find something new”

EA is returning to the Switch once more with FIFA 19. Last year, the company brought FIFA 18 over as its sole release on the new hybrid system. This year it’s the same deal, but the team behind the Switch version has been doing some more homework and is promising to deliver an enhanced experience this time around. In a recent interview with GamesReactor, Andrei Lazarescu, the Supervising Producer of FIFA 19 on Switch, mentioned that just about every area of the game has been upgraded. He summed it up by saying: “…everywhere you’ll find something new”.

Lazarescu also confirmed a list of modes that will be included in this release. Ultimate Team is making a return from its predecessor, but now there are some new modes to enjoy too. New to the table is Fast Match Mode, and it will include two Switch-exclusive features: King of the Hill and Random Teams.

Still, for all the new content and upgrades that are being brought over, FIFA 19 on Switch still won’t offer the ‘full’  FIFA experience. Since it’s still running on a custom-built engine, there are modes and features that are not present in the Switch version that will be available in full-form on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Those versions run on EA’s Frostbite engine, which still doesn’t support the Switch. Despite these drawbacks, the Switch edition FIFA 19 may very well shape up to be an enjoyable experience regardless. Fans really seemed to like FIFA 18, so it seems only natural that an upgraded package would also be well received, if not more so than the original.

For the full rundown of all the new stuff, check out GameReactor’s complete interview. 

FIFA 19 will kick onto Switch on September 28, 2018.


A.K Rahming
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