EA bring back Ultimate Scream for Halloween in FIFA 19

Halloween is only a week away and Electronic Arts are looking to get into the spirit of the event by bringing back Ultimate Scream to FIFA 19. For anyone who missed the event in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18, it’s a tweak to the franchise’s popular Ultimate Team mode. There are specific Ultimate Scream cards available that will change the look of some of football’s (or for the Americans, soccer) biggest stars as well as improving their stats.

The event was first announced via the official EA Sports FIFA Twitter account –

Here’s the official description for the event as well as a quick Q&A –

Ultimate Scream is back in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, and a squad of 21 shapeshifting beasts has been let loose in FUT. These beasts have been released in the form of special player items that will have a boost throughout the FUT season to two of their six stat categories. These Ultimate Scream players are unlike any other in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team; not only will each player have two of their six attributes boosted at all times, but the stats that get boosted will change throughout the season. 

When these boosts will occur, how often they occur, and which two of the six attributes are shifted each time is a complete mystery. 

And throughout the event, look out for 2 Ultimate Scream players available only through SBCs and 1 Ultimate Scream player available only through Objectives.  

See the 21 Shapeshifting Ultimate Scream players in packs HERE


Q: What makes Ultimate Scream items special?

A: Ultimate Scream players will have a unique item shell and a +1 to their overall rating. But this year, each player will always have two attributes boosted to a minimum of 90. 


Q: How does the boost work?

A: All 21 Ultimate Scream players will have two attributes boosted to 90 at the launch of Ultimate Scream. When a shift occurs, two different attributes will be boosted to a minimum of 90.


Q: How long are Ultimate Scream players in packs for?

A: All 21 Ultimate Scream players are in packs from October 19 at 10am PDT until November 1 at 10am PDT.


Q: Are Ultimate Scream Players tradeable?

A: Yes. You can trade the 21 Ultimate Scream players that you find in packs. You can also potentially acquire them from the Transfer Market, starting on October 19. 


Q: When will Ultimate Scream items have their attribute boosts changed?

A: These changes will occur throughout the year at different times. Stay up to date by following @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter. 


Q: How long will it take for the attribute boost to be applied to a player item when a shift occurs?

A: Dynamic Player Items can take a few hours to update in-game. 


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