E3pedia: Super Mario 3D World

The new Super Mario 3d game was unveiled this morning at the Big N’s E3 direct presentation.  There is multi-player functionality with Peach, Toad, Luigi, and of course, Mario.  Mario now has a new suit–the cat suit, which he can get when he obtains a bell.  Cat Mario can climb up walls, scratch enemies with his claws and much more.  Super Mario 3d World harkens back to Super Mario Bros. 2 in which each character had their own special abilities.

Princess Peach can float in midair just like in Super Mario Bros. 2, Toad is faster, and Luigi can flutter jump.  Also, there is an orange Yoshi that can turn into what looks like a raft.  Like other multi-player Super Mario games there is co-op play, player against player challenges, and more.

Super Mario 3D World is scheduled for a December release.  You can check out more of the footage below.

Tom Stovall