E3pedia: Super Smash Bros.

The long awaited announcement for a new entry in the Smash Bros. fighting series arrived in the form of invites to the citizen’s of Animal Crossing and then picked up with a shot of Mario in an almost cel shaded paper like form fighting amongst familiar characters old and new as their franchise logos flashed across screen–Kirby, Donkey Kong, Metroid, etc. and then things went into Super Smash Bros. Brawl style graphics with a few new moves for some of the characters.

A town villager from Animal Crossing got in on the fun as what appeared to be a new playable character and was even seen using the famous Balloon Trip balloons to fly around each arena.  The real surprise happened at the end where a new secret opponent was announced–Megman! He was seen using every ability you could think of from enemy robots he’s destroyed such as Cutman’s cutter weapon, a leaf shield from another opponent, and other various weapons he’s collected along the way.

A Smash Bros. U and Smash Bros. 3DS website has been set up as well as a Miiverse community to discuss the trailer and more.

Tom Stovall