Fight ‘Dynamax’ giant Pokémon in 4-player raids in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Dynamax giant Pokémon Sword and Shield

Per today’s Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct, the games will receive a new “Dynamax” mechanic. This mechanic will let Pokémon grow to giant sizes to fight in battles. Although they revert to normal after 3 turns, the excitement doesn’t end there. Players will also be able to team up locally or online to engage in 4-player raids against the giant Pokémon in “Max Raid Battles.”

Dynamax Pokémon have special powers that make them extremely formidable. Which Dynamax Pokémon spawn depends on where and when you are in the Wild Area, as well as the weather state. The Wild Area is an expansive area outside of towns where weather is always changing and time passes as you travel. Some of these giant Pokémon can only be caught after catching them in Max Raid Battles, so the hope is that trainers team up to capture them.

It’s unclear if all four players will compete against one another to capture the giant Pokémon once they have weakened it. The trailer didn’t highlight a competitive element like that, so maybe not?

In any case, it sounds like a ton of fun to face off against a giant super dangerous Pokémon, so we’re looking forward to it!

Dynamax giant Pokémon Sword and Shield
Dynamax Pokémon have unique super abilities sometimes.

You can check out the full Direct below.


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