Dynamax Camera site adds Pokémon to your photos, teases returning Pokémon

Dynamax Camera site adds Pokémon to photos, teases returning Pokémon

A Japanese Pokémon Sword and ShieldDynamax Camera” website has opened. The site inserts a random Dynamaxed Pokémon into the photos you upload to it. (Scan the QR code with your phone.) This in itself is fun, but the presence of some Pokémon that haven’t yet been spotted in any promotional material teases that they will return in the new games.

So far users have discovered Aegislash, Ribombee, and Sableye among the 50 featured on the website. When counting in those Pokémon’s respective evolutions, this brings the Galar Regional Pokédex up to around 250 Pokémon according to Serebii.net.

Bulbapedia editorial board member abcboy has also tweeted his discoveries of codenames for each Pokémon found through the Dynamax Camera. Each of the Pokémon discovered have corresponding codenames, often with a number attached. For instance, Grookey’s codename is Gorilla1, implying that the starter Pokémon may evolve into a gorilla.

Abcboy also suggests that the numbers correspond to that Pokémon’s place on the evolutionary chain. This means that Polteageist’s codename Teacup2 is an indicator that Polteageist is an evolved form, while unnumbered Pospika (Morpeko) may not evolve. Additionally, a G in front of the codename lines up with Pokémon we know can Gigantamax, such as Gcream2 for Alcremie and Gkame2 for Drednaw.

As of right now, the Dynamax Camera has only given us those reveals. If the site updates to contain more Pokémon, we’ll be sure to share any new discoveries.


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