Dyack \”Nintendo is Still Our Silent Partner – A Lot of People Don’t Know That\”

Dennis Dyack has decided to speak out about the constant rumours of Eternal Darkness 2, what he had to say may suprise you…

“That’s a question we’ve never answered. And at the end of the day, it’s not time to even talk about those kind of things for various different reasons. Nintendo is still our silent partner – a lot of people don’t know that. We have a great relationship with those guys and it’s not time to talk about Eternal Darkness 2. I’ve had so many questions and it’s been interpreted a couple of times where I said, ‘Yes, we’re working on Eternal Darkness 2.’ We’ve never said that. So, sorry. That’s the best I can give you.”

He was also later asked who the rights of Eternal Darkness 2 belong to…

“It’s a complicated question with a complicated answer and we’re not answering the question.”