Dungreed, a sidescrolling action roguelite, comes to Switch in September

Dungreed, a sidescrolling action roguelite, comes to Switch in September Team Horay Nicalis Pikii

Sidescrolling action roguelite Dungreed from developer Team Horay is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game has been available on Steam since 2018, where it amassed a few thousand reviews averaging in “very positive,” but now it will be coming to Switch and PlayStation 4 on Sept. 24. Alongside the announcement came a new trailer. If this doesn’t get you excited for it, I don’t know what will.

Save the town, close the dungeon

In Dungreed players take on the role of a single villager whose town experiences a strange phenomena one day. A dungeon that looks like a giant face suddenly opens and swallows everything nearby. Inside the cave are countless monsters and generally quite nasty creatures, all of which are out to kill anyone who stumbles in.

Luckily, the protagonist appears back in town once they’ve been defeated in the dungeon. That’s all good for them, but this dungeon needs to be destroyed, and the people and buildings of the town reclaimed. From here players will enter the dungeon again and again. By murdering as many monsters as they can, they hope to restore the town and finally close the dungeon.

Players will be able to purchase new weapons to pick up in each dungeon run. Whilst the layout of the dungeon will change each time you enter it, every map has been intricately designed. This will hopefully allow you to butcher your way through the hordes of enemies without getting bored of the scenery. Though I’d wager that with all the weapons that are on show, you’ll never be that bored.

Dungreed also incorporates food you’ll find along your journey. This allows you to strengthen the protagonist as you fight. Before you enter the dungeon, there are also a plethora of training options to help build up your strength to prepare.


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